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the festival's concerts
@ Palazzo Baronale di Caprarica di Lecce

 July 2nd 2021
9.30 PM - Giardini del palazzo baronale
 Silent WiFi Concert 

You'll be free to explore the marvelous garden of the palace (or just lay down on the grass, why not?) with the wifi headphones, just following the sound of  Andrea Vizzini's piano (hidden behind a tree?) and the verses by Antonio Verri.

concert organized in collaboration with Yamaha Europe.

 July 4th 2021
9.30 PM - Cortile del palazzo baronale
 Violin 2.0 

Francesco D'Orazio will show you the "electric side" of the violin, together with Francesco Abbrescia's electronics, with music by Corrado, Cresta, Bach/Abbrescia, Reich and Fedele. A concert that will sound surely like nothing you heard before...

 July 16th 2021
9.30 PM - Cortile del palazzo baronale

Fascinating music performance with Biennale's Silver Lion Matteo Franceschini who composed for Jacopo Mazzonelli's installation, together with Eleonora Wegher: a piano harmonic table, transformed in a real magic, under the fingers of the three artists.

 July 18th 2021
9.30 PM - Cortile del palazzo baronale
  Classical X 

Matthieu Mantanus concludes the festival together with the Orchestra Filarmonica di Lecce with a program where the movements of Mozart's G-minor symphony will be framed by electronic variations on Mozart's themes for synth and orchestra by Mantanus


World premiere @ JeansMusic Festival


the JeansMusic festival

producted by

Orchestra Filarmonica di Lecce


artistic direction

Matthieu Mantanus


organized by

Antonio Bene and Mario De Paolis

Surprinsing// This is the word we would like to define with our new-born festival which presents music out of the box, often between genres, dangerously (and proudly!) without any category to be put in. Technology, onnipresent in our world, is the backbone of our musical program, the pedestal to put the artworks on: it could be through the way you listen to it (Silent WiFi Concert), the extension of secular instruments (Violin 2.0), the use of electronic instruments (Tabulae) or their unexpected insertion inside classical contexts (Classical X), technology continues today, like it always did, to fuel creativities, mixing itself freshly and happily to the history and tradition.

The music you will listen to during the four appointments is a sincere and genuine choice between what the most innovative and interesting music we have gathered during our musical journey, hope you will enjoy it!

good listening!


thank you to our partners

with the support of
Comune di
Caprarica di Lecce

"Programma Straordinario 2020 in Materia di Cultura e Spettacolo" Azione 2

in collaboration with
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